Le 3 scale interne moderne dalla riuscita fuori da ogni schema!

3 modern staircase design with a success out of any scheme

Functional, comfortable but also aesthetically appealing, modern staircase designs have reached a very high level of popularity in the world of interiors, appreciated by architects, designers and private buyers who sense the value.

Whether you need to connect an attic or a basement, in a central or more hidden position, you will have to choose among staircase design ideas the right one for your interior with foresight, carefully evaluating aspects such as structural shape and the overall design thereof that best suits your needs.

A modern internal staircase can have multiple structural anatomies and more or less marked features that make it unique and differentiate it from other  staircase design ideas: you with your special needs will guide the choice, even in the smallest details.

In fact, a modern staircase is not only such for the contemporary effect of the shapes or materials: today’s staircases ideas aim to be totally modelled, through careful design, to personal functional and aesthetic needs.

In this article you will find a modern staircase design gallery from which to draw inspiration for special stairs ideas. 

The importance of choosing a perfect modern staircase design for your spaces (more importantly concerning staircase designs for home!)

The importance of choosing a perfect modern staircase design

In the variety of possibilities of modern staircases ideas that the market offers today, it could be more complicated than expected to juggle between modern staircase designs of completely different sizes, types and styles.

The ideal staircase design will adapt perfectly to the chosen style and indeed will enrich the remaining furniture, enhancing the entire surrounding environment sometimes with elegance and refinement, sometimes with spectacularity- and how many amazing staircases ideas exist!-.

In the context of modern stairs ideas we can count a wide variety of types and installations, but not all staircases ideas are equally suitable for some spaces rather than others, aesthetically or as opportunities for use.

So what are the fundamental aspects that I suggest you consider with particular attention into the world of staircases? It is easy to explain:

  • type shape/structure: the anatomy of the environment that will host the modern stairway design can leave ample space to the imagination or force the choice for reasons – very trivial – of space
  • style of lines (geometries) relative to the overall design of the interior
  • materials, colors, finishes: they are mutually enhanced by closeness or even by a refined discordance; all this has a considerable weight in the overall aesthetics of your internal modern staircase
  • original solutions of customization, like insertion of lights, steps valued (particular stair panel ideas), special railings, staircase decorating ideas… Each of these details makes the difference between a high quality design and one so to speak more normal.

Among the many variants available we consider three types of staircase ideas for modern interiors that always have great advantages: let’s see together three modern interior stairs that do not betray the expectations placed!

1 – Magic in the structure: suspended modern staircase designs

Magic in the structure: suspended modern staircase designs

Perhaps among the most spectacular, also thanks to the optical effect of floating that never ceases to amaze, the suspended stairs enrich the interior reaching high aesthetic standards with the use of various materials equally valued (suspended wooden staircase design, stone and marble stairs and so on).

The steps fixed to the wall by means of a hidden supporting structure seem to float in the air with elegance; with the right anchoring systems, a suspended staircase leaves the environment wide open, not blocking the view, especially with the use of glass railings.

If safety is a priority, the scenic impact is the prerogative that characterizes all the modern suspended interior staircases

You may be surprised how the optical illusion of the floating steps makes these installations unique in style and design, with a certain lightness and fluidity, also suitable for minimal environments.

The modern internal suspended stairs design is often appreciated in environments that focus on contemporary aesthetics and are able to make the most of the scenic impact but essential at the same time of this kind of internal staircase design.

The Suspended Staircase, by Officine Sandrini

Among the most requested cantilevered stairs is you, Sospesia,the modern internal suspended staircase. This type of cantilever staircase is often requested and made of fine materials, such as marble or other natural stones, but also you can get a Sospesia wooden staircase design.

These modern interior stairs fully enhance the step element in its nakedness. 

Marble in all its variants conveys a certain intrinsic elegance but also a remarkable power.

The magic of the floating effect is not lost even with the use of wood: a modern wooden staircase Sospesia (which uses only the best qualities and essences available) contains a sense of warmth and solidity.

An interesting feature of wood modern staircase design is that – thanks to its particular versatility – wood is transformed from a classic material to a modern and contemporary material.

In this wooden staircase design the finishes on request and the possibility of combining design railings in steel, iron or glass always customizable can transform the modern internal staircase Sospesia in a spectacular project from the sure success.

2 – Material focus: the versatility of modern iron stairs

Iron is an extremely ductile material, as well as fascinating, resistant and solid; once forged, it adapts perfectly equally to curved or straight lines, easily combines with modern interior stairs of any color and various other materials.

Modern iron stairs are reliable and safe, and if you choose one you will benefit from being able to store it gorgeous with minimal maintenance. Spectacular effect on the modern internal stairs in spiral iron/ helical: this material combines design and brightness, since by its nature plays with light and reflections.

Excellent if you are looking for a staircase with an essential and slender line, the internal iron staircase is perfectly integrated into the interiors of industrial and contemporary style.

An iron interior staircase can change a lot in its overall aesthetic according to the chosen finishes – for example natural iron, painted or oxidized – and nevertheless according to the combination with other materials, such as wood, glass or even marble.

If you opt for a modern iron staircase you will certainly give character and personality to your spaces.

Among the internal stairs in modern iron Etika and Vista Project, by Officine Sandrini

A modern staircase design famous for its extreme versatility, if we talk about iron, is Etika, spiral/helical staircase in the realization of which we find the encounter between pure artisan tradition (art of ironwork) and contemporary design.

All the strength of the ancient knowledge of forging flows into the sinuous lines of the Etika staircase, where the metal often left unfinished – but waxed or oxidized as desired – plays with light and creates a very special atmosphere.

In the modern staircase design of Etika, the combination of primitive and luxurious goes hand in hand with the combination of reference to the origins and modernity. The ductility of iron is not only reflected in its workmanship, but also in the ease of adaptation to different atmospheres.

Etika modern interior stairs are able to integrate perfectly into contemporary contexts, for example of industrial style, but also in classic environments, emerging by contrast, while maintaining a certain cleanliness of the enveloping lines.

In the context of modern internal iron stairs we can also count the modern visible staircase, or even open stairway, distinguishable because the supporting structure of the staircase is precisely visible, recognizable under the compartment and next to the steps.

Modern staircase design are generic terms that combine a wide variety of types and customizations, and it is precisely here that the most total creativity in the detailed design of a modern staircase is played.

In this case, the Vista and Vista Project staircases by Officine Sandrini aim at total customization tailored to the aesthetic and functional needs of any kind. Often among the most requested are installations with structure or parts of it in iron.

Vista Project owes its name to the uniqueness of the project studied exactly and in detail on the customer’s requests in several materials (a wooden staircase design, a metal staircase design, glass stairs and so on) which concern structure and finishes. 

For example we find among the many achievements:

  • fully iron curvilinear design stairs
  • straight or helical stairs with tread and closed lift in natural metal with or without visible fasteners
  • open stairs with railings made of blind panels always in metal or even design games of flat profiles of various sizes superimposed to create the effect of a 3D railing, or side thighs/ railings in sheet metal with scenic effect

3 – Classic but also contemporary: modern marble interior stair case

Classic but also contemporary: modern marble interior stair case

The modern internal stairs in stone, marble or granite, represent a special alternative to embellish your spaces: no doubt they are not among the most economical proposals, but can prove to be a real investment.

Whatever the variant of natural stone chosen and the color, its precious allure always recalls a certain luxury and even perhaps a vague classic flavor. Actually the contrast inside modern spaces can be really fantastic!

Possibly combined with metal that makes it contemporary and less solemn, marble is always refined and bright; in warmer or colder tones, the modern stone interior stairs give a lash of character and elegance to your interior.

Resistant, durable – but we must treat him with some care – and extremely bright, marble is able to produce a spectacular aesthetic result used in a modern design staircase.

Luxo model, by Officine Sandrini

Among  modern staircase ideas, Luxo model, a cantilever staircase characterized by the insertion of steel or LEDs in every single step of the structure, has a huge aesthetic impact. The play of lights, perfectly adaptable to daytime and night atmospheres, is completed by the texture of the step covering.

The favorite in these cases, in addition to the Corian coating, is marble, chosen as desired among the thousand existing variants in which the veins stand out more or less, in more neutral colors or in the blackest black…

The result is always spectacular, also thanks to the majesty of the natural stone that always brings with it a particular allure of grandeur, an grandeur that characterizes even the most linear realizations.

The modern internal staircase Luxo especially in the marble variant and in general the well-designed modern interior marble stairs are well integrated in contemporary contexts, losing that totally  aura classic that characterized them not long ago.

Among the modern interior stairs a special mention: the space-saving

If in general we can say that some types of staircase designs for home can save significant amounts of space, such as spiral staircases that wrap themselves vertically, we can consider the space-saving stairs an interesting parenthesis in its own right.

In fact, you could opt for a space-saving modern staircase satisfying safety criteria but also aesthetic if you need a connecting structure that brings the minimum footprint.

The mini-stairs fulfill their function with minimum use of square footage, both with a rectangular base that is spiral/ helical, with simplicity but also with various customization possibilities.

Vitre spiral staircase design by Officine Sandrini

Among the most slender and linear spiral staircases there is Vitre: it is part of the countless variations among the modern iron internal stairs that can enrich our spaces, but above all it is a striking example of a true classic spiral staircase.

As a spiral staircase it turns out to be one of the models that are able to make the least footprint not only for the verticality of the development, but also for the possibility of reducing the diameter of the stair case.

In particular, the Vitre model is essential, light, minimal, so simple to be in line with any type of environment, from the most classic to the most contemporary, and at the same time maintaining the prerogative of space-saving if there is a need.

Modern staircase railing designs: what role do they play in the overall design?

Modern staircase railing designs: what role do they play in the overall design?

Among structural elements, timeless or modern materials, particular finishes, we must not forget the railings for modern interior stairs.Once considered only as purely functional elements, nowadays their influence in the overall design is clearly re-evaluated.

Designed to avoid accidental falls of people and objects, you can see for yourself how well-designed railings, railings and handrails can act as a glue in the overall aesthetic impact of a modern indoor staircase.

The choice of materials – wood, glass, crystal, iron, steel, innovative plastics  etc. – colors in harmony or in a game of contrasts, a preference for minimal lines or elaborate geometric designs: all this can make modern stair railing an integral part of the style and design of your rooms.

Fashion trends, which also play a role in interior design and architecture, bringing to the forefront or putting styles or shapes in the background, also make known to those who are not in the industry new possibilities or innovative creations.

This happens for every type of product, including the creative or essential modern staircase railing designs, which, lately are highly appreciated in their variants in brass finish in addition to the more commonly used materials, for instance applied to a special open stairway.  

In general , regarding the choice of a modern stairway design in all its parts (including railings, balustrade, stair panel ideas, various staircase decorating ideas,stair lighting projects rise to the occasion) I can advise you to proceed in the choice by evaluating different functional and aesthetic solutions and starting from different points of view.

Maybe assisted by a professional in screening or even in proceeding by exclusion where some solutions may not be ideal for you, I suggest you customize stairs design as much as possible based on your taste needs but also space, to make the most of the characteristics of the environment.

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