Dark Staircase

Monumental staircase and futurist design

A timely technical idea, design creativity and craftsmanship of the highest level have contributed to the creation of this breathtaking project in collaboration in design and study with  EIDOMATICA

While it is true that design and architecture coexist oriented to the need for beauty as well as useful, color form and material solution affect our perception. From this, through multiple collaborations, was born DARK STAIRCASE.

Dark Staircase represents the perfect combination of technical skills involving design at various levels.

The architectural and interior design has been curated by the architectural firm MARCO RANZETTI, designer and site supervisor.


The exquisitely aesthetic qualities are inspired by the taste of the client, Alpemac Srl, very authoritative reference of the Italian market of the machine tool for which it is next to anyone who needs to transform a sheet of metal into finished parts. The skills and professionalism of the staff derive from the profound experience of the owner, Dieter Niederfriniger and he strongly wanted a unique installation, vibrant technological innovation and with extreme distinctive ability, representative of the company day and night.







The new headquarters of Alpemac is located in Calcinato – Brescia. Built inside a new building with a mirror exterior facade with a refined design; the new building has been designed, respecting the strictest standards of energy efficiency, with zero environmental impact, an example of intelligent design and sustainability.

DARK STAIRCASE: design and construction excellence

Follow each phase of realization, in order to satisfy any functional and style request, is fundamental through the most classic design techniques up to the use of the latest technologies and cutting-edge computer media.

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DARK STAIRCASE: production and installation

Maximum preparation and technical skills to meet all the qualitative and aesthetic requirements required in the design of DARK STAIRCASE: technology and skilful manual tradition are used to produce and finish every single component of DARK STAIRCASE.

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DARK STAIRCASE: the planning

There were several design phases aimed at the realization of DARK STAIRCASE (examination of the various components, times and modes). The very high quality of the project has required in its complexity technical and aesthetic solutions made to measure, especially as a product that is overpoweringly new.

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