Hanging stairs features

Every hanging stair has a widht between 60 to 120 cm. They can have any height and different shapes (upright, helical, circular or even a mixed shape). They can be with or without riser.

Hanging stairs are the following:

The staircase construction starts at the rough construction stage. The staircase needs a metal load bearing structure to be inserted in a bearing or half-bearing wall.

Steps and railings are prefabricated in our workshop and assembled at the site construction when it is half finished. They are then pulled-on in the bearing structure which had been previously installed.

The classic hanging stairs, in case they go through a space having no bearing wall, can be set-up with a mixed supporting structure: the wall side provides a metal structure while the other side needs the insertion of a proper belt in view.

The steps are made of solid wood (82 cm thickness) for the wooden stairs, of structural glass for the bearing glass or marble hanging stairs: finishing are available in a large selection of materials and shades.

Steel, plate glass or iron railings can be co-ordinated to the classic hanging stairs.

The modular hanging stair is not prefabricated. Only the single elements are produced in our workshop. It requires in general a bearing or half-bearing wall. In extraordinary cases it can be installed on a plank (if the size and the static requirements allow it).

Two 35 mm holes in the wall for every step are necessary for the assembly. The pivots, which will be inserted there, will be then walled up with resin and mastic.

The modular hanging stair needs a lateral foot support (a steel tube)to stiffen the structure and connect the different elements. The steps are made of solid wood in view or covered by stainless steel, metal and resin, stratified plate glass.

The proposed railings offer a large selection of materials and models:

  • Gloss satin-finished steel with 3, 5 or 8 rods plus handrail
  • Railing with two bars each step
  • Railing made of gloss grinded glass, tempered and stratified, float (transparent with green nuances), extra-clear (fully transparent), or satin-finished, without pillars nor handrail.

Like the prefabricated one, the modular hanging staircase can be assembled with a mixed support system too, if it cannot benefit of a bearing wall. Metal structures and floor/ceiling spacers can be used where the wall is missing.

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