Dark Staircase

Monumental staircase and futurist design

DARK STAIRCASE,the monumental staircase that becomes the absolute protagonist of the space thanks to its exclusive geometry, the gritty, asymmetrical, sharp lines, which wink at a futuristic design.

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Futuristic and innovative

Officine Sandrini presents a spiral staircase made in collaboration with Nyxo studio. Innovation, research, and excellence are at the base of this cooperation: an ambitious design using fiber composites technology coming from the aerospace industry. A synthesis of form, structure, and elegance.

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Sculpture-like and sinuous

It is neither simply a staircase nor a simple decor element; Etika is a sculpture, a work of art, designed for transforming a simple helical staircase in something more.

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Enveloping and flexuous

It valorises every setting, becoming the focal and scenographic point, where the staircase is the primary object. The helical spiral staircase is customisable with different variations upon request.

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Majestic and Astonishing

Uncommon and fine materials, architectural mastery and the desire to amaze with backlit LED inserts are the main characters of the new Luxo line, the cantilever staircase created to amaze and leave you breathless.

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Scale interne moderne in marmo Calacatta


Versatile with personality

A day staircase is an example of mastery, flexibility and personality: the thought behind the creation of unique and exclusive designs, personalised for every customer.

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Lightness and detail

A different way of perceiving interior design, combining transparent materials with precious ones to create a unique environment.

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Fra le scale autoportanti piĆ¹ spettacolari: Sospesia


Strong and Light

Cantilever stairs are necessary for Officine Sandrini. The solid steps are versatile and easily fit in any context, transmitting warmth and comfort.

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