Metal spiral staircase

Metal spiral staircase

Among the space-saving internal stairs, which have always been considered as such but not as extreme as the mini-stairs, the classic spiral staircases maintain a record; a space saving spiral staircase is often the optimal solution, a spiral staircase for outdoor as well, for example, a spiral staircase loft conversion made.

The spiral staircase is almost an unrivalled solution if the horizontal space is small, or in any case it was decided to optimise it and not to waste even an inch more than necessary.

Inserting a vertical connection tool between floors in some environments can be a real design challenge, but pre-assembled and modular or tailor-made internal spiral staircases almost always solve effectively. 

Even with diameters not reduced to a minimum, a spiral staircase represents the most practical and efficient system, combining design and functionality, to manage space and aesthetic impact.. 

Essential or whimsical thanks to possibilities and ideas to cover internal stairs – usually only the steps, but it is also possible to cover both raise and tread – enhanced by railings for internal stairs chosen ad hoc,the spiral staircase is compact and at the same time extremely dynamic with its spiral lines.

A metal spiral staircase may be the perfect answer in many cases, an ideal solution as outdoor spiral staircase (often cast iron spiral staircase) and above all a special idea for interiors of any style. 

In fact, if you need an essential and modern compact spiral staircase, a well crafted metal spiral staircase may overcome in aesthetics and practicality a spiral staircase stone made, a  wooden spiral staircase or the magic of a glass spiral staircase.

Space-saving internal stairs: none like the metal spiral staircase

Space-saving internal stairs: none like the metal spiral staircase
Space-saving internal stairs: none like the metal spiral staircase

Managing and making the most of the potential, and therefore also the size of an environment, is an absolute fundamental requirement of a good interior design.

The insertion of internal stairs in various materials and finishes, accompanied by railings of internal staircase or balustrades and other details, must be studied with particular care.

Whether you are considering indoor wooden stairs, natural stone internal stairs, indoor iron stairs and so on, the structural anatomy is primary if what interests you is space-saving internal installation.

Immediately after, the design is important; a perfect combination of function, aesthetics, harmony of lines, colours and textures: even in large spaces or in open space, a well thought-out modern spiral staircase is a congenial element to the expression of the desired style.

Basically, the minimum encumbrance of a small spiral staircase according to the regulations in Italy is in general 120 cm in diameter. But even more, up to 140, 160 cm is always a limited footprint compared to other possible types of stairs, while allowing a smooth ride. 

In short: use requirements, structural shape, positioning in the environment create what defines a space saving installation. 

And a metal spiral staircase is perfect to meet all criteria to be the best option

We are talking about a loft spiral staircase but also about an external spiral staircase, we’re talking about a circular spiral staircase plan but also about a spiral staircase square planned, ideal for maximum utilised angular positions.

I will show you a couple of examples of classic, simple and really essential, modern spiral staircases, perfect in very different contexts, with the same basic characteristics, to contextualise the idea of space-saving internal stairs in concrete spaces thanks to a metal spiral staircase

First example of a space saving metal spiral staircase: Vitre   

First example of a space saving metal spiral staircase: Vitre   

Perfect example of a classic small spiral staircase with a circular plan with a central column; the spiral staircase dimensions are exiguous, this staircase model Vitre by Officine Sandrini is definitely part of the ensemble called space-saving internal stairs.

Specifically, we are talking about models of iron stairs for interiors, in this case the Vitre metal spiral staircase is painted in white, perfect in combination with the kitchen and the remaining context for which they were conceived. 

Complete with a body inserted in the insole to define the connection hole, the spiral staircase is light, thin, essential, streamlined; assembled in modules (3, 4 steps, each with its own support veil), has been designed with a diameter of 120 cm.

To enhance the simple volute lines for this model, the railings for this spiral staircase are perfectly in line with the stylized figure: a round handrail with a round upright of 33 mm, and a single intermediate pipe of 22mm. 

Sober in the structure so as not to attract too much attention, at the same time particularly accurate in the smallest detail, this type of   spiral staircases is perfectly integrated into the mood of the room to which steals very little horizontal space, minimal expense with maximum yield.

A metal spiral staircase like this Vitre can replace with much more lightness a concrete spiral staircase, for example, and it’s an installation perfect if you need a loft spiral staircase. 

A modern spiral staircase like this one  can act as a spiral staircase for outdoor use with the right precautions against atmospheric agents (special paints and galvanising), making the external spaces of the building contemporary.

Second example of space saving metal spiral staircase: Vitre

Second example of space saving metal spiral staircase: Vitre

Always in the order of space-saving internal stairs tendentially simple and essential, here is another example of metal spiral staircase, still Vitre model by Officine Sandrini.

In this contemporary context with a wonderful parquet, the client has decided not to select a wood spiral staircase or ideas to cover internal stairs, perhaps in the same wood essence of the floor: he decided for an essential metal spiral staircase. 

We opted for a contrast of texture and colour, a break of continuity with the heat of the wood through the algidity metal painted in black. 

Also in this variant, this metal spiral staircase was mounted with modules: telescopic coupling and welding every 3, 4 steps, small dimensions. 

And also in this case the railings for the spiral staircase took the form of a handrail with an upright of the same diameter, 33 mm, and two 22 mm pipes to emphasise the sinuous lines of the installation.

Undoubtedly it supports its space-saving function as a first instance, secondly it integrates perfectly with the remaining dark furniture and ferrous details, which enhance in contrast with wood, a modern style with industrial references.

Other Vitre installations have, for example, exploited a circular nook in which it was not possible to insert anything as effective, in another was enhanced the metal element with grey anthracite paint and anti-slip treads in almond-coated sheet: each piece, despite its essentiality, contains specific tailor-made features.

In general, space-saving internal staircases of the spiral type have significant advantages which apply to both the metal spiral staircase for interiors and external spiral staircase:

in terms of the possibility of sizing and recovery, in terms of ease of placement in narrow spaces or with irregular shapes.

You can customise a metal spiral staircase according to your needs, always taking into account ergonomics, use – for example as already mentioned an outdoor spiral staircase must necessarily take into account natural elements- , common sense during the design.       

Explore the theme of the metal spiral staircase

Explore the theme of the metal spiral staircase

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