Modern spiral staircase

Modern spiral staircase: each space requires a special one

The management of spaces, in terms of the use of sizes, positioning of the elements, of harmonious combinations of colors, materials… can give surprising results if well conducted.

Within a renovation or in a solution to be furnished from scratch, the need for an internal staircase – but this also applies to the exterior – forces you to think about what to do: we are talking about opting for one structure rather than another, but also the choice of materials and colors.

A modern spiral staircase, designed to fit your needs of space and taste will almost certainly suit your needs! Let’s see why.

Rationalization of spaces with a spiral staircase or modern spiral staircase, the helical staircase

The most requested and appreciated among indoor stairs and outdoor stairs is the spiral staircase

interior spiral staircases or spiral staircases for outdoor, metal spiral staircase or wooden spiral staircase, spiral staircase loft conversion but also external spiral staircase from garden to another level, a compact spiral staircase or a large helical staircase, an opulent spiral staircase stone made or a jaunty cast iron spiral staircase… at the top of the preferences especially for the elegance and magic of the spiral lines that wrap themselves.

In addition to becoming a coveted design element for pure aesthetics, its structural configuration of a spiral staircase or helical staircase brings a huge benefit in terms of space optimization.

Rationalization of spaces with a spiral staircase or modern spiral staircase

In fact, spiral staircases and their helical evolution do not require the linear sizes that must necessarily take advantage of ramps that develop in a horizontal direction, but develop in height providing the minimum possible footprint on the ground.

It goes without saying that if you don’t have huge spaces and you just can’t manage them at will but you need a connection between floors, a project with a spiral staircase plan, a modern spiral staircase, a circular spiral staircase or a spiral staircase square – if you can take advantage of the angles – that’s what you need.

Let’s see in summary the differences:

  • a classical spiral staircase is structured on a central supporting pylon to which the steps are anchored, which run circularly drawing a perfect spiral
  • in the spiral staircase square it is possible to take advantage of every single available centimeter installed close to corners, and the steps are wider and more comfortable to walk
  • the helical staircase is the modern evolution of the classical spiral staircase; it develops in a spiral vortex but without the presence of the central column and rests on the circular winding of an external and an internal propeller. 

It provides more walkable space but also has better aesthetic performance when spiral staircase dimensions are larger.

In general, lines and sinuous forms of the spiral staircase create a strong dynamism, even giving a feeling of widening of the spaces, while being among all the types just the one that creates the least footprint.

It is not a case, in fact, if we don’t talk only about a small spiral staircase, but we can also talk about a space saving spiral staircase, precisely because of its aforementioned qualities compared to any other type of structure.

Once the structure is designed, let’s go to style for your modern spiral staircase!

Let's go to style for your modern spiral staircase!

We talked about the advantages in terms of space of the spiral staircase and, once the situation has been evaluated from the point of view of space-size, the next step in choosing the structural shape will be screening materials, colors and finishes.

You can, with the advice of a professional, choose first of all according to your personal preference but also pursue an ideal harmony of spaces.

Various materials in which you can choose your modern spiral staircase. First of all it is necessary to distinguish whether we are deciding for an outdoor spiral staircase or an internal spiral staircase, since atmospheric agents also affect the materials to be chosen.

If for an outdoor spiral staircase metal, iron and steel with hot galvanizing treatments are often and willingly used, we can also find a concrete spiral staircase or made of natural stone, even a wooden spiral staircase, specially chosen. 

You can alternatively make a closed external spiral staircase, covered with various solutions after obtaining municipal permits.

More often we can indulge in the design of the spiral staircase for indoor, loft spiral staircase and so on:

  • wood spiral staircase (in a thousand essences and colours)
  • metal spiral staircase (in different finishes, oxidised or burnished, or painted) , cast iron spiral staircase or steel staircase
  • glass spiral staircase, stairs made of natural stone, resin, high tech plastic ecc

If you’re thinking about the variants, the finishes and the possible colours in combination with each other the possibilities are endless! In particular spiral staircases leave ample room for customization and give great visual impact.

The look of the interior: colour combinations for your modern spiral staircase

Colour combinations for your modern spiral staircase

Indoor spiral staircases have a very important value as a true character imprint of spaces, indeed they define the style line of your home or your office.

To choose more consciously the colour combinations, it would be ideal for you to have an overview of the furnishings, surfaces, walls and floors and then imagine the best modern spiral staircase.

Personal taste aside, you can follow two general lines in the colour scheme: therefore, especially considering the floors in various materials and the remaining furniture, you can look for a general harmony remaining in palettes, so do not depart from general colours, or choose by opposition, then daring with complementary colours (rather beloved thing in interior design).

In this case we can divide colour options into:

  • Internal spiral staircase is clear compared to the remaining environment , perhaps with walls always clear, but with a floor of the most intense colour. It relaxes the atmosphere in a way making the impact less strong to the view
  • Internal spiral staircase darker than the remaining environment (even black) is the most frequently used solution, giving a certain intensity especially to the element “staircase”; in particular black lends itself to a certain sophistication, elegance even with a certain vigour, if you can say so. Preferable in these cases to have some matching, some black detail in the remaining furniture
  • Traditional colours or strong colours: the most frequently used colours are neutral white, beige, medium-light woods, or various shades of grey. However, there is nothing against playing with bright colours (especially in a modern environment). Obviously, however, it remains essential that, since the staircase is a connecting element between floors, the colour chosen also for contrast must necessarily be a connecting element also with the rooms of the upper floors
  • contrasts between structure and general colours: more than often the colour of the floor is combined with the colour of steps, or in any case in nuance; but the structure of the scale is distinguished from the rest with a contrasting colour, which breaks the chromatic trend

The geometric shapes, the particular finishes, the colours chosen for homogeneity or contrast will give a strong character to your modern spiral staircase, and it in turn will enrich your interior as a work of art.

Playing with design while carefully studying what will be the visual impact in your spaces will make you choose the best option among various types of stairs on the market, from a small spiral staircase to a big helical staircase, from a spectacular loft spiral staircase to a simple spiral staircase loft conversion to enjoying all possible spaces.

We can divide by colour option

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