outdoor spiral staircase

Outdoor spiral staircase: an excellent alternative

Comfortable, safe and aesthetically appealing: the outdoor spiral staircase is an excellent alternative if you are planning your outdoor design, and you need to use little space and the desire to take advantage of the particular spiral configuration with a unique style.

Let’s see together for what reasons to choose an outdoor spiral staircase and what needs to be taken into account during its design.

Advantages of a spiral staircase

Advantages of a spiral staircase

It is not always easy to choose stairs that best suit our needs, as there are many possibilities on the market today. To make the best choice it is good to know the main benefits deriving from one option rather than another.

There are two main advantages of a spiral staircase:

  • The spiral configuration is captivating, always and in any case. The circular and sinuous design of the modern spiral staircase or its helical evolution, is captivating and almost hypnotic, giving style and sense of refinement
  • It’s always the best solution to optimize space and limit the linear footprint, developing only in height

This applies, for example, to an internal spiral loft conversion, but applies also to outdoor spaces which are the first calling card of a building, for private or commercial use. 

If the benefits are the same, there are some precautions to be expected in the design of an external spiral staircase.

What features should an outdoor spiral staircase have?

What features should an outdoor spiral staircase have?

There are numerous possibilities and variants to connect in the most appropriate way the various levels in the external area of a building, pursuing the best aesthetic result and the highest safety standards.

The attention to materials is fundamental for the design of an external spiral staircase: the structure’s exposure to atmospheric agents makes it necessary for the spiral staircase to be particularly resistant and unalterable to the force of some elements, such as water, temperature changes etc.

The solutions on the market, relative to the materials, are many, such as: iron, steel, wood or marble, but what must never be missing is the possibility of sliding rainwater and, essential for safety reasons, the tread must be non-slip.

To protect the outdoor spiral staircase from any possible climatic conditions, it would also be desirable to make suitable roofs, with the relevant permits, and undoubtedly railings suitable for safety and aesthetic standards.

Safe, comfortable and attractive outdoor spiral staircase

Whether as a connection between the garden and the garage, or from the latter to a terrace, the choice to install a modern spiral staircase (even more than one!) for external use can be strongly impacted on the balance of outdoor spaces.

In addition to containing the footprint (remember that a small spiral staircase it’s a space saving spiral staircase!), it creates dynamism by bringing style and personality to both classical facades and buildings of more modern or contemporary style. 

Safety, durability and aesthetics coexist in the structure of a well thought-out outdoor spiral staircase, independently of the spiral staircase dimensions or of the spiral staircase plan (we can also choose a spiral staircase square planned).

Regardless of whether there are multiple stairs to connect several floors, or if there is a very high staircase and requires an additional exit podium, or if you’d desire a small spiral staircase to optimize space or you’d need a loft spiral staircase, or if you ‘d prefer the magic of a glass spiral staircase or a traditional wood spiral staircase… 

you’ll notice for yourself how the spiral staircase, especially a modern spiral staircase, is able to give character to the space that houses it and ensure stability and security!

Even in the case of infrequent use, you will have to design your external spiral staircase to resist the elements but also to fully enhance your outdoor spaces, which are a calling card.

Safe, comfortable and attractive

Favorite combinations for spiral staircases

Integrating in the best way the type of staircase, the material and its finishes, with the rest of the house remains your first goal, to enhance the overall design. Among the linear models, cantilevered stairs, spiral staircases and helical staircases, the spiral staircase receives the greatest appreciation for the sense of lightness and buoyancy it gives; always designed to be in harmony with the overall aesthetic, the outdoor spiral staircase must combine:

Favorite combinations for spiral staircases
  • attractiveness
  • resisting 
  • possibility of reduced maintenance

In this direction, in addition to a concrete spiral staircase, a metal spiral staircase, a compact spiral staircase made of iron, a cast iron spiral staircase, a staircase made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel, turn out to be among the favorites. 

Metal is able to emphasize sinuous lines of spiral staircases, in particular of a modern spiral staircase for outdoor use, and a metal spiral staircase or a metal helical staircase is always a guarantee!

As for the steps, if you consider it appropriate for the general project, you can opt for steel again but also for stone or wood -spiral staircase stone or wooden spiral staircase- properly treated in order to maintain the very important non-slip function.

Metal railings and handrails are often treated with micaceous paint of other colors and contrast pleasantly with glass railings, able to bring safety but also visually lighten the entire structure.

There are many possibilities to choose from to connect different levels outside a building, be it a villa, a loft, a mountain house, or a building for commercial use. 

An installation,a spiral staircase for outdoor, customized to your needs, will prove to be the most appropriate choice to combine functionality, safety and design.

Without a doubt, an external spiral staircase will always be one of the best options available to you.

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