FOLIO staircase: helical game from aerospace technology

Design process

The creative process is born from a very precise idea, that is to give life to a project in which the basic structure and the single elements can combine the technological complexity and the simplicity of the forms: two bands chase each other and overlap composing together the basic architecture, a real BACKBONE of the staircase. Two “wings” emerge within the helical game generating details that recall aerospace engineering.


Within a seamless system and behind an apparent linear essentiality, complex mechanical balances play, which make each step act as a support for its contiguous.

In this way an elegant chain is formed in which the rings are ideally fused supporting the structure in a reciprocal way, mechanism from which only the lower and upper landings are subtracted.

Innovative materials

The complex manufacturing process of Folio begins with a pre-impregnated carbon fabric and epoxy resin of aviation technology; the processing consists of cutting fabrics with lamination on mold in the clean room with subsequent pre-compatition with vacuum bag.

The lamination in autoclave consists then in the insertion of the mould with the fabric precisely in autoclave for polymerization (that is, the elements are cooked and subjected to high pressure and temperature) at 125 ÂșC at 6 bar pressure. In the autoclave the reticule resin so as to obtain a rigid and light product.

The various components are assembled in air-conditioned premises with structural adhesive: this is a special process, aerospace technology processing.


The result is an avant-garde staircase with sophisticated mechanics, but which is expressed in a very light dance.