FOLIO staircase: research at a new level of complexity

Modern design follows the trend of beauty as well as useful, in fact architecture and design are tools aimed at our well-being in various aspects: STAIRCASE can now be defined as a piece of furniture that is disconnected from the concept of pure functionality.





Officine Sandrini continually seeks the best aesthetic and functional performance: the material solution influences the final result in both aspects.

FOLIO, designed sinuously agile but with a gritty profile, light in its flexible lines and light in fact, is an impetus towards highly technological production processes used pioneeringly in interior design. The focus on innovation has pushed the research to a new level of complexity and has given rise to a unique architectural object.

FOLIO is the result of creative thinking with a focus on effective and intelligent solutions for living. The result is an essential and functional project with a futuristic and tech flavor.

FOLIO challenges the tradition of the world of stairs for interiors, but retaining the know-how, heritage of the experience of Officine Sandrini.