Special helical spiral stair

The helical spiral stairs are born from an idea through design and design up to production and installation

The helical spiral stairs are visually extraordinary structures, just as extraordinary functionality. The helical spiral stair dimensions do not stand the comparison with the classical spiral staircase or the space-saving effect  of retractable stairs for a small space, but the structural stability is even greater and goes hand in hand with the comfort of crossing.

From the point of view of the aesthetic impact the helical spiral staircases are really special stairs, in fact the spiral pattern has something fascinating and spectacular, the possibility of customization, design options are then wide and transversal to different styles; in addition an helical configuration spiral stairs perfectly fits like indoor stairs (house spiral stairs, attic spiral stairs, loft spiral stairs) but also like outdoor spiral stairs, e.g galvanized steel spiral stair options.

From the initial idea, to the actual design and then continuing with the realization of the various components until the easy installation – but it’s important to do it with care-, that is, the laying of the self-bearing spiral staircase itself, there are many important aspects that concern the special helical stairs.

Without going into unnecessary technicalities by professionals in the field, we see the highlights that you should pay attention to in case you are screening pre-cast stair kits or custom spiral stairs compared to other types of structures, trying to provide as much useful information as possible.

Helical staircase, spiral stair, helical- spiral stair: how they differ 

Helical staircase, spiral stair, helical- spiral stair: how they differ

First of all it is right to clarify in what they differ, in practice, helical structures compared to the classic spiral staircases and still from a third type, variation on the theme, called helical-spiral stair. We talk about high quality indoor spiral wide range options and outdoor spiral installations, with different uses and above all different structural characteristics:

  • classical spiral stair perfect solution
  • helical structure design options 
  • modern spiral stair-helical

The spiral stair, the best stair solution together with other space-saving (mini-stairs, retractable stairs) to optimize horizontal footprint; it develops vertically with the steps chasing each other starting from a central column; it is ideal to be installed in small spaces, in rooms not accessible from other structures, combining this functional aspect with an aesthetic that can touch the highest peaks (modular staircases or custom spiral stairs).

Helical shape can be considered the modern evolution of the spiral stair, it differs above all for the absence of the central column, it develops in a spiraliform but precisely propeller and without supports, in a less compact but paradoxically more stable than the snail. The visual force can be very powerful, but it needs more space and reciprocates with more comfort than a small spiral staircase. The processing times are greater but the possibilities of customization make the helical stairs usable in the largest selection of contexts, limited only by the amount of space available.

The special spiral-helical stairs are contemporary and particular stairs, a middle way between a structure and another because the central pole is present but is open, developing in a different way from the classical snail; at the same stair size you gain a few centimeters and at the same time the effect is even more sinuous and enveloping.

The special helical spiral staircases therefore reach larger diameters than the traditional spiral staircases with their small footprint, then also the intended use, as mentioned, can be different: in case of very frequent or daily use but also of the need to transport objects etc. it is evident that, if space is available, the helical structure with its wide range of choices is undoubtedly the winning choice. 

Start building your perfect stair, choosing from helical concrete stairs to metal spiral stairs, from wood to glass in all the combinations and finishes you can imagine (and fit your budget)

Start building your perfect spiral stair

As we have mentioned the helical stairs are something quite different from the standard spiral stair, without a central pole, without support pillars on the steps, often chosen in larger sizes, even doubled. Wider functionality meets with more customization possibilities; in this way the helical configuration of custom spiral stairs are highly decorative, as special stairs become design objects, almost works of art.

The different building materials, sometimes also valuable materials especially with regard to the coatings with which the structure, treads, any side beam rails and so on, completely change the fate of the quality of the stair, the final project, chromatically speaking, as texture and atmosphere. 

From concrete indoor spiral stairs, bare or covered, to helical forged iron stairs, or steel spiral stairs, from wood spiral stairs – but be careful, many opportunities for choice but not all the wood species are suitable – to helical steel spiral stairs covered in marble or resin, structural glass stairs, galvanized spiral stairs from beginning to end left natural or painted… The variety of material combinations is wide, the decision and the design in your hands.

At the base there is always an idea of style towards which creative efforts are directed by the design team (3d model, projections, rendering) thinking about the context that will welcome the spiral stair and making satisfied customers: from the thought and taste of the client puts everything in the right perspective analyzing logistical and sizing advice, design options, building materials and details, even within constraints or economic resources, with the ultimate goal that the installation and the hosting interiors become representative.

Different professionals know how to keep in balance between them questions of physics and calculations, various sizing, diameter spiral stairs,number of steps for stairs, dimensions etc (you can customize the shapes so much that you can plan irregular helical stairs); as said the use of photorealistic rendering, for example, can be another interesting step and very useful especially for the client, above all if we are talking about a custom modern spiral structure compared to spiral staircase kits or industrial spiral stairs.

Realization and installation, not disconnected from the rest of course, however, are the responsibility of other professionals, sometimes artisans, sometimes real artists who, following construction and technical requirements, must masterfully shape the material and maintain very high levels of precision once on site for a high quality steel spiral stair, or a perfect galvanized spiral stair in custom color, or a classic wooden helical stair solution. 

Idea, design, realization and installation of the helical configuration stairs, classical spiral staircases and spiral-helical stairs

Classical spiral stair and spiral-helical stair

Helical staircases are special stairs, complex structures even of remarkable dimensions whose visual impact can give strong emotions, as well as walk them. The helical is an indoor spiral staircase – or for outdoor use – that distributes its qualities between a strong sense of dynamism and at the same time of lightness, given by the sinuous and enveloping lines.

Whether generous or smaller dimensions, the helical spiral stair finds its place thanks to a very high possibility of customization of the project, the real constraints are only those of the space available; in this sense the right physical space is needed to emphasize the helical development of the structure.

Metal spiral stairs, in steel and iron, with various coatings but also bare and enhancing the metal material, concrete helical stairs in concrete, with an open lift or closed lift (raised open or closed tape effect visually changes a lot, whether we talk about wood, metal or natural stone) balustrade railings or side beam that become railings and integral parts of the project, glass, iron blind panels or sinuous railings that follow the course of the spiral stair: helical stairs can be essential or rich, classic or modernly designed and characterized by the use of innovative materials.

From a simple idea to real construction drawings, up to an excellent manufacturing installation, the path to spiral stairs of a certain level is overall linear but with multiple implications, especially if the stairs in question are not standard but customized in each element. The aesthetic result reaches very high standards and makes some spiral staircases unforgettable elements in the interior design.

Discover the helical spiral stair stair by Officine Sandrini

Discover the helical spiral stair stair by Officine Sandrini

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a helical spiral stair could be perfect for you: with their irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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