Scale da interni moderne: Dark Staircase

The black staircase par excellence: the Dark Staircase by Officine Sandrini

Is there a better color for an indoor staircase?  You could get different inspirations on how to furnish interior environments and you may have heard that the stairs must be darker than the floor.

In reality the choice is not so obvious and depends a lot on the preferred style, the final effect you want to achieve. A black staircase is a particular choice: black staircase ideas are able to expand the final effect, evoking a contemporary atmosphere with a strong personality.

Whether you want to give the stairs a modern look you should not focus only on the element of the staircase to create a uniform and coordinated environment. 

Also the flooring you have or intend to have installed must be taken into account so that the staircase seems to belong to the rest of the elements of your house: the key words are always harmony and consistency.

Those looking for an elegant look can opt for the dark accent represented by the black stair tops combined with the tiled floors of a less intense color, type light gray. 

Black stairs ideas look particularly beautiful when using black furniture details in the room, such as mirror frames, furniture and black door edges.The contrast solution of a black staircase provides color consistency but at the same time breaks the monotony of a single color.

Black staircase: iron in the interior design

The choice to use metals in interior design is a trend that has long been established for various reasons: first of all, different metals give extremely different effects (just think of a brass finish, polished steel or calamine iron) so great possibilities of combinations and distinct styles. 

More or less warm, more or less cold, glossy, matt or satin, with a regular or uneven finish, rough or smooth, the metals play with the light and work as excellent contrast elements with a strong impact. 

Even a cantilever iron staircase is therefore ideal to enhance the notes of a contemporary style, modern but also classic or industrial flavor, everything depends on the response with the remaining furniture. 

From a performative point of view, iron has remarkable technical qualities, durability, resistance and also ease of cleaning and maintenance; in the interior is in fact used in multiple forms, structural and not. 

It plays spectacularly with wood, opaque or transparent surfaces such a black glass staircase, contrasting with light and warm colors, but also proves powerful in the connection of dark and cold elements. In short, iron is really a metal with infinite performances and uses among the furnishings. 

The metal finishes are highly appreciated, and this also happens in the world of stairs, often a distinctive and precious element in luxurious environments, as well as simply modern. 

For example, for a spiral staircase – helical or an exposed staircase or a cantilevered iron staircase you might prefer, according to taste and the host context, a raw or oxidized effect or a black iron contrasting with other light or bright elements. 

There is the possibility to replicate the same effect, for example with paints that recall the ferrous texture, but combine the useful to the pleasant using the material structurally and aesthetically produces enormous advantages, given the uniqueness and versatility of this element.

Regarding this you could have dramatic black stairs!

Contemporary iron black staircase

A cantilever iron staircase can be totally customizable, such as materials, finishes. A cantilevered staircase intended as a suspended staircase, is precious if you have to manage narrow spaces, in different locations of an environment that is a house, an office or other. 

An iron cantilever staircase in particular, whatever the most suitable solution to your situation, in its simplicity can give enormous satisfaction: elegant, contemporary ,essential but at the same time rich in a vigorous materiality that few elements besides iron can confer. 

A black metal staircase with a linear and basic effect, an iron cantilever black stair case is able, in its essentiality, to become the protagonist of an environment but also to coordinate a style among other furniture elements.

Original models, concrete and sculptural solutions that give life to crazy innovative black staircase ideas, unexpected scenographic installations: modern interior stairs are also this. 

The black staircase

Form and substance, functionality and aesthetics are always pursued – and not always reached – especially by architecture and interior design; this aspect particularly concerns modern staircases: some black staircases go beyond its functional role but also beyond the furnishing element.

Stairs for inside and outdoor stairs have found a space of their own thanks to projects where creativity, craftsmanship and technology come together to create unexpected artifacts. 

A modern internal staircase, rich in well thought-out details (including a modern and functional and/or highly decorative internal staircase railing) can give concrete and spectacular solutions in terms of aesthetics and image.

It will not always be modern space-saving interior stairs, we also talk about modern stairs, medium-large or even monumental stairs, in this case black staircase ideas that leave their mark, identifying a style, with powerful architectural expressiveness.

Below we consider one in particular, Dark Staircase by Officine Sandrini, a crazy and impactful installation that conveys through its gritty aesthetics more than you expect from stairs from any interior, an example of black staircase. 

And Dark Staircase really isn’t just any black staircase.

Dark Staircase: what is behind the design of this modern black staircase out of the ordinary    

What is behind the design of this modern black staircase

You don’t need to be a construction worker to notice at a glance the decidedly modern cut, the rigorous aesthetic lines and the striking and sharp geometry of the steps. But let’s go in order.

To understand the communicative intent that client – Dieter Niederfriniger owner of Alpemac srl – and designers together wanted to convey towards such a visually energetic ideation, we must first observe what Alpemac represents, that is a basic reference in the machine tool market in Italy, with its strong identity.

As client of the project, Mr. Niederfriniger wanted a distinctive installation for its new forward-looking headquarters, promoted by an intelligent and sustainable design project. 

No standard normal black painted staircase or a black and white staircase was required, but a modern interior staircase that was the expression of the design of extreme attention to detail, detail in this case that immediately recalls the brand, corporate flag colors as well as tastes for the holder’s sharp geometric lines.

Thanks to Eidomatica who collaborated in renders, studio and design, Officine Sandrini has developed, followed executive project and product Dark Staircase. 

To create Dark Staircase, certainly not of the common modern iron internal stairs, it was necessary to follow step by step every stage of design from the drawing to the latest techniques with cutting-edge computer media.  

Thanks also to Marco Ranzetti, designer and supervisor of the construction site who took care of the architectural and interior project, it was possible to follow a scrupulous process in the management of everything related to the integration between spaces and installation: excellence in fact, before it’s productive, it’s about design.

The central idea revolves around a black staircase with more than refined design, exclusive to say the least: functionality, shapes and colors united in the chosen material solution, affect the perception of impact of Dark Staircase, that at a glance is able to immediately represent a brand, a philosophy, a style.

Powerful aesthetics of Dark Staircase, modern monumental interior black stair case   

If we talk about modern interior black stairs, all possible variations in terms of structural anatomy, materials, finishes and details… we can not talk about a unicum like Dark Staircase by Officine Sandrini for Alpemac Srl.

Even among the most original modern iron interior stairs it stands out unequivocally: what immediately catches the eye is the futuristic, gritty, almost aggressive and simultaneously elegant design. 

The prominent aesthetic is conveyed by exclusive geometry: asymmetric steps like sharp blades cut through the space that rejects curvilinear elements. The lines of these iron black staircase are modern, vigorous, aerodynamic and biting.

They recall the futuristic design of speed, but they are also inspired by the automotive design sector, in which Italy has always emerged as an excellence, but also aeronautical and aerospace. 

In the forms of these modern stairs – and perhaps it goes further, it might seem like a sculptural installation – it concentrates, reworked, one of the possible combinations of the concepts of aesthetics and physics, static beauty and energy, which are referred to cars of a certain caliber, passion of the customer.

The detail that immediately captures and masterfully emphasizes the whole, are the LEDs integrated in the steps: in the orange color, institutional Alpemac, emerge from the blackest black and emphasize the sharp and thin cut of the steps.

As railings for this black staircase were chosen glass railings to protect, able to bring out the structure of Dark Staircase in all its visual strength without other trappings, and at the same time balustrades were not made in a basic way, but follow in some sections the sharp shape of the staircase. 

Dark Staircase is in effect one of the modern interior black stairs ideas that we could really call monumental, which combines in its structural and aesthetic core special technical skills, related to the design and construction of such modern staircase, the aesthetic needs and tastes of a client with a strong identity. 

And, undeniably, among the modern interior staircases available on the market, Dark Staircase has a very very strong identity!

Amazing interior staircase: production and installation of this special black staircase

Luxury, technology, innovative materials and/ or innovative design: all this is compressed and reworked during the design and then physically in the realization of stairs out of the norm

Thanks to the very high quality of the project in its complexity, accompanied by technical drawings, tables, elaborates, sketches and photorealistic renderings that anticipate the final result (including animations of panoramic 360 degrees in a virtual reality!) Dark Staircase took shape. 

The installation is an idea that becomes a concrete reality, through a correct design (examination of the various components, timing, mode and analysis of the spaces that thanks to Dark Staircase will no longer be the same). 

He finally arrives at the site for the installation, during which the image passes from the mind of various technical skills to being there, tangible, powerful, huge and sculptural, to occupy its space forcefully. 

The innovativeness of the project required different skills focused on the creation of a unique, completely customized sample. 

Modern interior stairs that act as a business card in a company that is more than established, that communicate a message, the image of a brand and a style; modern interior stairs as elements that go beyond the functional and decorative, beyond the serious game of design. 

Dark Staircase includes a journey that begins in the initial idea, which continues in the creative and technical project, is implemented in the production also the result of technical skills and craftsmanship… and then ends with the actual installation, the black staircase in all its visual power. 

And from this begins a new space, a renewed and even more incisive image, a new story.

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