Design evolution

Officine Sandrini presents a spiral staircase made in collaboration with Nyxo studio. Innovation, research, and excellence are at the base of this cooperation: an ambitious design using fiber composites technology coming from the aerospace industry. A synthesis of form, structure, and elegance.

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Luxo, created to amaze and leave you breathless.

Unusual and precious materials, architectural mastery and the desire to surprise are the main elements of the new Luxo line. Corian and marble are the basic elements chosen for the coverings.

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In the city of La Scala, a staircase that expresses Art

“Luxo Stone”, in fact, transforms the classic concept of scale by fulfilling the functional purposes to focus attention on aesthetics and environmental impact.

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Discover our models:

Stairs for interior and exterior furniture that are born from the desire to innovate and amaze, creating unique and unrepeatable pieces, transforming desires and needs in design reality.