A solid oak stair is superb, but the oak stair cladding is not the only viable option

A solid oak stair is superb, but the oak stair cladding is not the only viable option

There is no longer any doubt that a modern interior staircase mainly – but modern exterior stairs are certainly no less – effortlessly transcends the functional objective of simple connection between different levels of the same building. 

The modern staircases, especially modern interior stairs, are designed and built to redefine the rooms and enhance the style. 

Not only do modern staircases become a piece of furniture that enriches the overall style of the spaces with personality, but it can even become a modern masterpiece of manufacture and design.

Often it is not a question of standard staircase but of projects so to speak that arise from precise needs, custom projects but also renovation projects for an existing staircase, maybe a new material stair klad.

All this can be achieved with a careful preliminary study, which concerns the design of modern stairs for interiors as stand-alone installations, but also and above all with an ad hoc analysis of spaces, measures, style of the place of insertion of the same. 

So if an  high quality customization is the ratio always and in any case in the design of modern internal stairs above all, we see characteristics, benefits and/or limitations of some materials, among which you could imagine to realize your internal or external staircase: metal, wood (oak timber and various wood essences)  and natural stone (many variants) for treads and risers and/or other stair parts.

Modern wood stairs for contemporary but also classic interiors, interior staircase ideas designed to be minimal or modern interior stairs in monumental stone or nude metal stairs without stair cladding … but also modern outdoor iron stairs for commercial buildings or external stairs for modern villas: how wide is the choice of  cladding products and how many opportunities for use!

A fantastic oak clad staircase is probably the first image that springs to mind, but I can assure you that there are other valid options of stairs cladding.

Metal with or without stair klad: modern iron and steel stairs, nude structures or with some stair cladding (e.g solid oak)

Metal with or without stair klad: modern iron and steel stairs, nude structures or with some stair cladding (e.g solid oak)

In the most contemporary design trends, modern iron stairs are the most popular, and are appreciated not only in the industrial style. If the current trend is to minimise the inessential to the advantage of enlarged spaces (perceived) and bright, the ideal is a spiral or helical staircase. 

But between the internal stairs it is possible to opt for visible, cantilevered structures of different geometries; iron and steel can also be used only as a structural element that require a stair cladding, transforming the structure into an oak clad staircase, for example.

Anyway, iron stairs for modern interiors carry some benefits, not only aesthetic:

  • the metal has an extreme strength and durability (both iron and steel), able to withstand significant weights without deformation in any way
  • It is easy to make modern internal iron stairs, as an extremely ductile material, thanks to which it is possible to forge shapes and custom lines more easily than other raw materials.
  • costs remain lower than other materials
  • maintenance is reduced to a minimum, these types of internal stairs are easy to clean and keep perfect over time

The same applies to modern external stairs made of iron and stainless steel, with a stair klad (tread and riser cladded with natural oak or stone stair flooring etc). In this case, measures will be taken, such as hot galvanization, to preserve the metal from external atmospheric agents that could otherwise cause the structures to rust.

Modern internal iron stairs enjoy the ability of this material to blend with any colour and any line, gorgeous on straight elements but also on curved elements; the finishes are multiple to choose from, paints, natural but also oxidation games created on purpose. 

The steel, in addition to having a very high resistance, is very light and easily machinable, therefore versatile for different uses within the same internal staircase. In general, the use of metal as a structural element of modern stairs is really apt.

We can make use of metal therefore both as a totalizing element of the staircase or only as a structural element: if only as a structural, as well as for a concrete staircase, you can play with stair klad materials at your discretion and according to the chosen style.

You can provide for an oak stair cladding according, for example, to an oak flooring if you want, or other wood types or materials (only stair treads or instead you can have a completely different result with a stair klad tread and riser cladding like a belt effect).     

Wood: modern oak stair cladding -solid oak- and various wood essences (but the oak stair is the favourite!)

Wood: modern oak stair cladding -solid oak- and various wood essences (but the oak stair is the favourite!)

Wood is a natural element with countless uses, since man has the ability to take advantage of it; The quantity of different essences available in nature for physical characteristics as well as for colour, makes it suitable for the most disparate uses.

The internal wooden stairs (and also for outdoors with the right precautions to protect against atmospheric agents) are no exception and are still among the most popular options.

The material should not be confused: if we’re talking, for example, about a modern oak staircase do not necessarily have to recall something rustic or rough (oak clad staircase, natural oak or rustic oak).

On the contrary, the newest designs and particular combinations give wood, solid oak and other essences, personality, elegance and above all a sense of contemporaneity. 

So you can build your staircase in the knowledge that solid oak stair cladding, as incidentally for oak flooring, you can achieve  high aesthetic standards but also current and modern.

 A modern solid oak stair, an oak stair with minimal style or with straight overhanging configuration or sinuous in the spiral/helical stairs, maintains the authenticity that characterises the material: solid oak stair treads are warm and strong.

Combined with extremely different raw materials, such as metal or glass, it gives its best combining a certain sense of tradition with modernity and innovation, and enhancing heat and energy. 

Let’s see the other peculiarities that make an oak stair cladding  perfect for interiors:

  • oak cladding, and wood in general, is durable and long lasting
  • flexible, versatile and easy to work, therefore customizable (this applies to every type of oak cladding, also for other uses other than oak stair tread and riser) 
  • requires minimal maintenance in regards to the cleaning, and this is an important aspect about an oak clad staircase
  • oak clad staircase exudes a feeling of well-being, warmth, tranquillity but also strength and solidity

Italy has a long tradition in woodworking, and craftsmanship together with new skills and technical innovations can lead to great functional and aesthetic results, also in interior design and therefore in the realisation of high design modern stairs.

If you’d like an oak clad staircase and oak steps sensations under barefoot but you don’t like rough style, you can project and build your staircase easily following a contemporary style with solid oak or white oak and so on, thanks to essential shape, modern finishes and innovative details

Stone: not only solid oak stair! Modern marble staircase cladding and natural stone stair klad tread for a fantastic installation

Stone: not only solid oak stair! Modern marble staircase cladding and natural stone stair klad tread for a fantastic installation

Almost everyone appreciates a warm and elegant oak clad staircase but if you find yourself having to make a choice of stair riser and  tread cladding , it is right that you are able to visualise viable alternatives.

Especially used in the construction or for modern stair klad tread solutions, natural stone – marble and granite – rediscovers an appeal that is anything but classic: in fact, the modern internal stone stairs add strong character to the environment that houses them. 

Not at all banal and especially not at all carriers of “ancient”, if well designed, a modern staircase project with marble cladding tread can become extremely contemporary. 

If your goal is to have a modern but evocative installation of a certain luxury, natural stone stair klad tread could prove to be ideal for your amazing  staircase.

The added value brought by a choice of this kind is tangible, whatever the type of stone chosen, both aesthetic but also economic. In fact, modern internal stone stairs have some advantages:

  • great general resistance even to bumps and scratches
  • durability over the years
  • brightness is an absolute peculiarity of marble
  • easy customisation because the variants of marble and granite are many, warm or cold, more or less preciousI advise you not to think about 
  • no doubt a marble staircase requires an initial economic investment (I advise you not to think about cladding kits for this special material) but promises an even greater return of economic value to your property 

On the other hand, a natural stone staircase is both strong and delicate; in fact the natural veins of marble are the weak points of the stone where moisture can cause damage.

Therefore, the marble variety chosen depending on the placement of your staircase will make the difference: a certain type will be better for modern internal stone stairs, and another variant will instead be suitable for stairs for outdoor use.

Combining it with steel or lightening it with glass, you could make the marble really modern and played down compared to the little old and solemn allure that normally carries with it.

No cladding kits for a marble cladding stair, too valuable and expensive to risk doing a bad job: at most you can provide for a  stair nosing if you think it’s necessary.

Oak clad staircase and various steps cladding: but what about the railings?

Oak clad staircase and various steps cladding: but what about the railings?

A customised staircase, with various cladding products and details, for specific design needs never disregards safety; the regulations in force on railings and balustrades are clear and allow ascent and descent of an internal or external staircase in total safety. 

Once the legislation is followed, the rest will be a choice of taste and style adhering to the overall project.

No matter what structure we are talking about, a cantilevered staircase or spiral stairs – helical, modern interior stairs of any structural shape or modern external stairs that embellish your outdoors, railings will always be fundamental. 

If we focus attention, for example, on an oak clad staircase, we can see that there is a wide choice among railings and balustrades, from the most minimal made in iron and steel, to the extra clear glass balustrades with the effect of total transparency. 

Continuing with the example of a modern oak clad staircase, we can also opt for modern railings, creative and extremely decorative; materials can be as different as steel and wrought iron or iron, glass, wood or even plastic; lines can be minimised but also imaginative and futuristic. 

Each of oak stair parts is important, from stairs cladding materials and quality to possible oak handrails, from handrail brackets to each of  newel caps and newel posts, from the first step to the    landing balustrade.

In the relationship of aesthetic balance that the stairs for interiors especially play with the remaining environments, railings and other elements also play their part, for similarity or contrast, and are not an element to be underestimated, especially if the game is played on the details.

And while it is true that functionality and aesthetics must necessarily walk hand in hand, well-designed details make a huge difference in an interior design project of a modern staircase, an oak clad staircase or other variant.

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, an oak clad staircase or with other materials could be the one for you: with its timeless charm and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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