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The verticality of the spiral stair case and spiral staircase dimensions has great benefits on the spaces

We have already mentioned above the question of how many and what types of stair solution exist on the market, understood as pre-existing or replicable models, but also how many options may exist in the customized high quality design of a staircase. The customization includes, in addition to the technical details that must follow the competent professional and the aesthetic (and always functional) qualities chosen by the customer, the ad hoc evaluations of the space.

An indoor spiral staircase (often called a space-saving spiral stair case for good reason) might be just the thing for you; we talk about interiors but the same assessments can also apply to outdoor spiral design options. The space available to a room in fact, home, office or any other space also commercial, can be a fundamental ratio on the basis of which you will have to make the choice. 

Treating the spiral stair case we also consider the square spiral stairs spiral that exploit the angular spaces, but also the helical stairs without a real central column, the evolution of the modern spiral stair.

The livable space and the internal spiral staircase

The livable space and the internal spiral staircase

It is easy to note that nowadays, especially in large cities, the sizes offered for living spaces or with other functions are very often small: excluding lucky exceptions, the space is really minimal for a healthy management of privacy, usability and comfort in everyday life. If possible, even more than before compared to recent pandemic events we have all noticed the specific weight that the space-house has in our lives on our physical and emotional well-being.

Here comes into play the spiral stair case: in case of new construction or renovation, in the need to vertically connect different levels, even this element that becomes structural and functional, but also of furniture, is able to assume a huge importance in the management of space.

But what specifically is the optimization of the spaces of an indoor spiral staircase (which can be space-saving spiral staircase, square or circular spiral staircase, modern or traditional spiral staircase, customized spiral stair or modular staircase and so on)?

The space saving spiral stair design (applies also to outdoor spiral staircases!)

The space saving spiral stair design (applies also to outdoor spiral staircases!)

Some general aspects on the saving of sizes that may involve the installation of a spiral stair case are certainly evident: in general spiral staircases and the helical staircase take full advantage of the flexibility and of a wide range of possibilities. It will probably seem obvious to you the difference between the impact of an open staircase, for example, that occupies horizontal space – even in the smallest possible dimensions – or mono stringer or dual stringer stairs compared to an indoor spiral installation that impacts only with its diameter.

In fact any staircase involves a use of space for its own structure, which takes into account the openings, therefore any landings, but also simply the general rules on safety, dimensions, distances, slope and so on. Among all the opportunities, the internal spiral stair is the structure that undoubtedly impacts less on the horizontal surface, with all the considerations of the case; it goes without saying that all the advancing space, even if it were centimeters, is livable space that remains available to those who live.

This means space that can be exploited in another way but also only space of comfort in the passages from one environment to another or visual space, which expands the feeling of breath and brightness true and perceived.So we can immediately confirm that spiral staircases, which include circular spiral staircases, square spiral staircases, indoor spiral staircases or outdoor spiral staircases, helical stairs while being generally wider,play a fundamental role if space problems exist.

How much actual space can be optimized with an internal spiral stair?

How much actual space can be optimized with an internal spiral stair?

If the aesthetic impact is completely resulting from personal instances then may be more welcome modern spiral staircases or classic, minimal or elaborate, the security of a well-designed internal spiral stair case, however strange it may appear, is in no doubt. They are safe and resistant of course, also thanks to the presence of special railings and the central pole that can serve as another support (in the case of a spiral staircase that exploits the corners there is also the wall in help).

In practice, analyzing with a more specific eye the issue of size and space optimization, we evaluate together the actual centimeters for which the inclusion of a spiral staircase differs from other types as straight stairs.The diameter of an indoor spiral staircase indoor changes depending on whether it is circular or square spiral stairs spiral (we always talk about the minimum official diameters by regulation without the various exceptions), and we talk respectively of 110-120 cm or 100 cm.

If we hypothetically compared a spiral stair case with another staircase connecting in non main rooms, just to better convey the idea of the space saved, we would see that the straight stair would require 220 cm by 90 on the lower floor and 1 meter less on the upper floor – certainly with the possibility of being able to use the lower space at will- The snail variant could save from a minimum of 60 square cm to even a square meter.

In an environment of small dimensions this seemingly small amount of space could prove to be absolutely influential in the perception and use of the environment itself, without a doubt; so the staircase dimensions are important but also the anatomical shape upstream.

Start building your perfect stair: advantages, in addition to space saving, and disadvantages of an indoor spiral stair

Start building your perfect stair: advantages, in addition to space saving, and disadvantages of an indoor spiral stair

Also the spiral staircases, like the other types of installations, can enjoy a very high possibility of customization in terms of materials and their combination.We can therefore have extremely simple and traditional indoor spiral staircases (with stair kits and also high quality modular staircases), but also more contemporary indoor spiral staircases (iron spiral staircase, steel spiral staircase for example) or modern spiral structure with metal combinations, wood treads – a wooden spiral staircase may use a wide range of wood species, tread rise even in glass that can give a really intense impact.

There are even special plastics on the market for your internal spiral staircase, or even completely in lightweight carbon fiber, obviously everything is always customizable in the colors provided but also, if we talk about wooden spiral stairs or stone covered spiral stairs, in naturally occurring varieties that are suitable for use of course. Not only can they be used for interiors, but they are also able to functionally beautify the exterior of a building, with the right materials and treatments suitable for coping with atmospheric agents used for high quality and space saving outdoor spiral stairs or stringer staircases. 

Clearly, if the available space does not create constraints, rather it is even to be filled, you can resort to helical stairs: modern spiral staircases, with the same possibilities of customizing classic spiral stair case but more suitable for larger volumes.The aesthetic solution of indoor spiral stairs, with high diameters and not space saving solutions, could impact proportionally to the size of the dimensions: the result will be so attractive and powerful, but will also benefit from a clear walking path, wide steps, becoming a comfortable stair for all types of users.

As a result of the same reasoning, it is clear that the only disadvantage that we can charge to a spiral staircase with minimal diameters chosen specifically for saving space, as loft stairs or very little industrial spiral stairs, will be the mode of passage of those who climb and descend: in fact  , very large people may not enjoy the maximum comfort during the spiral stairways, and however the passage will tend to be possible to only one person at a time.

Consequently, it is easy to deduce that even a possible transport of large objects may not be very easy both in an internal spiral stair case, or in an outdoor spiral staircase, but if we think about it the same would also apply with a small floating staircase, and alternatives should be used. 

We can say that beyond the taste, which is always and in any case personal, these are the only disadvantages of a spiral staircase of very small dimensions  given the presence of many benefits of no small importance, whether it is a wooden spiral structure, a steel spiral staircase, a forged iron spiral stair case, a modular staircase or a tailored indoor spiral stair.

Discover spiral stair case by Officine Sandrini

Discover spiral stair case by Officine Sandrini

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a spiral stair case could be perfect for you: with its irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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