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Functional and aesthetic value of a stair case railing in its various forms

How relevant is an internal stair case railing to a general project? From the point of view of safety it is essential, there is no need to say it. From the point of view of visual impact, for a modern stair, we have already addressed the topic in a previous article.

One thing that I have not yet done is to mention the huge variety of possible compositions between  stairs with a modern design and stair railing ideas available.

Speaking above all of modern staircase design, for which strong combinations are allowed – designed ad hoc of course – between a big variety of materials, chromatic solutions or extremely dissimilar textures are combined with each other in a creative way; it is also possible to see internal masonry stairs, a  wood stair, steel stair for interiors or, for example, internal stairs in natural stone designed and built in a minimal and uniform way, with an essential stair railing or even stair case railing for classic internal stairs.

Value of a stair case railing

An internal wooden staircase or an iron staircase, for example, can be designed in extremely different ways, with steps covered with any material in any finish. So also the internal stair case railing could be simple, in clean lines according to the material of the staircase otherwise in wrought iron, or also as modern glass railings could lighten a particularly compact internal staircase…

In short, an interior staircase must necessarily be accompanied by a stair case railing (except in very rare cases but I would not recommend it) and also the choice of this internal staircase will prove decisive in the overall panorama of the project.

Minimal, essential and contemporary stair railing design

Modern stair for interiors chosen from a perspective of simplicity and clean lines, an  interior design under the aegis of an essential and minimal style can have various possibilities for what concerns stair railings, balustrades, stair handrail and other stair parts.

Modern iron internal stairs, but also space-saving spiral or helical internal stairs that aim to clean the shapes or internal stairs of various building materials that need a rather sober railing system, can count on linear stair case railing in iron or stainless steel, cable railings horizontal or vertical columns.

A modern internal staircase but also for example a more traditional internal wooden staircase (maybe not really rustic wood stair) can use tailored metal railings, iron or  stainless steel but also possibly modular – stair railing kits – ; there is no need to use wood railing staircase types, straight wood staircase railings, a wood handrail or other wooden stair parts: the contrast with the metal is winning.

The stair case railing I speak of refers to structurally simple railing design, an indoor stair railing also relatively easy to install with clean and rigorous lines. In their simplicity they are extremely versatile, emphasizing the modern design of multiple types of stairs.

Open stairs for interior, cantilevered stairs, spiral staircases and so on can be accompanied throughout their development by this kind of essential railing ideas, certain with different finishes, rough or stainless steel or painted, but always strong, durable, with minimum maintenance requirements.

Internal stair railing: glass balustrades, blind metal balusters and geometries games for modern indoor stairs

Internal stair case railing

Stair case railing really for all tastes! If we talk about special interior stairs, which are not afraid to be noticed but rather aim to remain impressed for their design, the staircase railings also play their part. 

Internal masonry stairs with steps covered in a variety of materials, modern internal stone stairs, internal wooden stairs, modern iron internal stairs to make more sophisticated and glass stairs for futuristic interiors: all these installations can be accompanied by glass railing ideas.

The choice of glass balustrades as railings of an open staircase or a spiral staircase has numerous and considerable advantages. First of all, the light: it can filter freely, bringing brightness to the entire room that houses the staircase, but at the same time isolating the same from everything else. 

A stair railing in glass is easy to keep clean – and and in totality also to install – but above all it gives a modern and sophisticated design to any element of interior design, and also allows you to play with artificial lights led or neon placed ad hoc along the stairs.

The airy effect and the naked look of a glass modern stair railing as mentioned can be ideal for mitigating and minimizing modern internal marble stairs or internal stairs in wood and stone; but may also serve to make  internal iron stairs less massive and more refined. 

On the contrary, if you prefer more elaborate staircase railings, with an impacting design even with the risk of visually loading the structure, you can resort to blind metal panels, iron balusters even with special finishes.

As well as a stair case railing in glass is a unique piece without voids, blind panels also insulate the staircase environment but without filtering light, on the contrary bringing a strong decorative element very full. We have examples of iron stairs indoors for example with closed lift tape effect and iron balusters with an innovative and aesthetic power, undoubtedly memorable.

In this way also stair railings with a geometric design, or particularly elaborate as those highly ornamental and baroque wrought iron, have the ability to attract to itself the complete attention, maybe get her off a staircase without too much personality. For example, the use of laser cutting has a possibility of application on different materials and not only metal. In this way, partitions can be created in various ways, as well as normal stair railings, with drawings, inlays, geometries or various. Even in the case of wrought iron decorations maybe the cleaning will not be as simple as on glass railings, but a certain artistic effect is guaranteed!                    

Original stair railing design and other elements for a modern and exclusive interior staircase project stair case railing

other elements for a modern and exclusive interior staircase project stair case railing

The need to make the most of living spaces and at the same time to express their personality also through the aesthetics of an interior, has produced technical and creative innovation; the ability to customize your spaces with furniture and special details also affects the stairs and everything that concerns them, including staircase railings, the stair handrail and other stair parts, chosen not to appear or on the contrary to stand out.

How can you decorate the walls of an internal staircase not only with a wall handrail? How can you decorate an internal staircase? How can you make the most of the potential of this functional element that also becomes design? 

The ideas to cover internal stairs or enrich them are many: the simple use of small ingenious cunning as LED strips for internal stairs but also the choice of modern staircase handrail and stair railing ideas can make an abysmal difference between a banal installation of connection and a masterpiece of safe success!

A steel stair handrail for internal stairs with an essential modern stair railing could be used to highlight a suspended, almost floating, wooden interior stairs or modern internal stone stairs, in which veins and the color of marble must emerge eliminating the classic air that this material can recall.

We have already talked previously about how a very original stair railing – sometimes very suggestive creations – changes the face of an internal staircase design: they can be vertical staircase railing installations at full height that serve as real metal partitions, with ropes or other strategic solutions. Modern internal stairs are such not only if the style is the one on the crest of the wave, but if the entire project is studied under the sign of the maximum combination of functionality and aesthetics.

The latter may have broad guidelines, but tastes and personality must remain unique! The important thing is to know, even if you do not have the trained eye of an interior designer or a designer, that to enhance your staircase there are some possibilities to be evaluated and some tricks to be implemented, with the related stair case railing.

Discover every special stair case railing by Officine Sandrini

Discover every special stair case railing

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a tailored stair case railing could be perfect for you: with its irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, this installation represents the essence of modern elegance.

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