Staircase oak treads

We’ll see how a spiral structure is matched with oak stair treads (especially red oak stair tread) with great results

Given the many qualities of the spiral traditional stair, especially the indoor spiral staircase, it is simple but reductive to make a synthesis of the opportunities and advantages that it can bring in an environment. 

Being in the position of connecting different levels, or even wanting to  renovate an environment by stair remodelling, disposing of a pre-existing structure in exchange for a new custom installation more in accordance with your tastes, an internal spiral staircase could really facilitate things. 

The idea of redesigning a staircase with staircase oak treads, instead of thinking of using area rugs or carpeted stairs, can give great results in harmony naturally with the desired style. In this article we deal specifically with the aesthetic and functional results that can have the combination of a spiral staircase with red oak or white oak, wood stair treads (there are many wood species and many possible wood products) in general 

If you’re interested in the reasons why a modern spiral staircase with oak stair treads or other stair parts in solid red oak, solid unfinished wood or painted wood stair treads could prove to be a winning solution for your needs, read on.

The real advantages of the spiral staircase with wood stair tread  are verticality and dimensions

The first and unparalleled record of the spiral structure with oak stair treads of particular evidence if we refer to the interior spiral staircase, we take as a reference the spiral structure with staircase oak treads that you will see in the pictures, concerns its obvious ability to limit the horizontal footprint. 

A classic spiral staircase – chapter apart from the helical dimension that usually gives its best in larger sizes – not only exploits verticality, unlike other types of stairs, but is also achievable in very small diameters.

We take as a reference the spiral oak staircase that you will see in the pictures, a Vortika variant by Officine Sandrini, which is structured with an open pole, the diameter 150 cm, made of white enamelled iron, with oak stair treads, red oak stair treads, helical railing in brushed stainless steel, in this project we have open stair risers.

In good substance the spiral staircase, with circular plan in which the effective encumbrance corresponds to the diameter while in that with square base corresponds to the side, develops around a central column from which they branch off by rotating the steps, from a floor anchorage to a landing step. 

Especially in consideration of minimum diameters, we can say that the internal spiral staircase has a single limit that can be found in the steepness of the route with passage obviously reduced to the minimum necessary. In principle, however, the spiral staircase is always unequivocally the perfect choice if the primary need is the optimization of spaces. 

The general regulation divides main and secondary private contexts for the minimum size of circular and square spiral staircases, with particular attention to the useful passage etc. but it is even possible to obtain semi-snails with insanely small diameters (mini-stairs).

Let’s see what other important features related to this red oak stair (of course the choice of red oak wood stair steps was personal, in line with existing hardwood flooring,  it would have been safely possible to use white oak,  brazilian cherry wood, other type of wood stair treads and so on).

Location of the red oak stair with spiral-helical structure

Location of staircase oak treads

We have just underlined how fundamental it is, in the choice and in the arrangement of furnishing elements and not, the maximum optimization of the sizes. 

In many residential contexts currently, even a few centimetres can make a huge difference: the possibility of placing a spiral staircase indoors in narrow spaces, almost impossible angles, which could not be exploited otherwise makes it compulsory in some cases. 

The placement of the staircase element is functional competence, aesthetic but also static and nothing should be left to chance in the design. It can be installed in a central position, like the spiral staircase with oak stair treads in the photos,  or angular position, which can serve to connect two floors of the same building, but also a space ingeniously created as a loft.

The certainty is that an internal spiral staircase does not currently ask to be confined in service environments and relegated to its sole primary function. A well-designed indoor spiral oak stair, well thought to integrate into the context that awaits it, built and installed with the care it deserves, is able to become a focal element of the house, providing a powerful aesthetic imprint.

Take a look at the images: this special spiral oak stair with open central pole is the ideal solution for the surrounding environment, with the white colour of metal structures and the red oak stair treads paired with red oak  hardwood flooring.

How to match curves and geometries with wood: spiral stairs with wood stair treads

How to match curves and geometries with staircase oak treads

Certainly the spiral staircase is famous for the vortex, the pursuit of spiral lines with circular base. In fact, the possible options go even further. First of all, the development of the modern spiral staircase is identifiable in the helicoidal staircase which, structurally speaking, is to be considered a variant of the classical spiral staircase, not developing properly from a central pylon but through two propellers that chase each other in a spiral. In case of the spiral- helical red oak stair you’re seeing in photos, the pole is open. 

The helical staircase is usually chosen when the dimensions to be followed are not too small, in fact it conveys a powerful aesthetic impact but is not considered as it were just between the space-saving structures. A helical staircase of medium size is able to greatly enhance the  building materials, and can be widely customised. 

Some helical wood stairs, meaning staircase oak treads and other stair parts -e.g handrail- in natural wood or stained wood, are really stunning! Wood stair treads next to iron balusters refer to an industrial style, contemporary, and this in reality also with other types of structures (open wood stair, cantilever wood stair and so on.)      

The choice of a square spiral staircase probably often follows the needs of space: in fact, the square plan is the best option in the case of insertion in angular spaces , between wall and wall.This has positive consequences for the comfortable practicability of this type of indoor spiral staircase. In fact, the amplitude of the tread surface increases making the crossing easier.

Secondly, a spiral staircase with a square plan can be appreciated and chosen by virtue of its geometric appeal! Among the most modern interior styles, geometric, linear, corner, diagonal, straight and simple lines have found their raison d’être. 

In contexts where you opt for empty spaces and lines maximally clean and minimised, well fit square furniture elements of all kinds, and the square internal spiral staircase is certainly no exception, while maintaining its charm but adapting to a different mood.

Also in this case the use of wood would be perfect: a square based wood stair, not necessarily inserted where there is oak flooring or other parquet, with iron balusters or steel railings, is highly effective in modern contexts.

Visual impact: the design of spiral staircase with wooden stair tread (as a reference, we have a sample here with red oak stair tread)   

Even if the indoor spiral staircase in question is of very modest size, in a hypothesis of space-saving structure or for example a small spiral staircase for a loft, the choice of materials, of the finishes and details such as railings and lighting is fundamental. 

In fact, the staircase element offers, in addition to the obvious connecting function, a versatility of styles that make it perfect for acting as a connection between the interiors, indeed it can become a true driving force in this sense. 

Far beyond the concept of a staircase as the only functional element to the vertical connection, today it represents an architectural solution, in all its forms, coverings, finishes more or less exclusive, able to characterise the environments, to define their personality.

And there’s a lot of personality in the spiral stairs! Simple and essential or rich and original, traditional style or super innovative materials, once well-made design and safety are established, can reach aesthetic and design standards at the limit of the work of art. 

If already the single shape of a spiral staircase never fails to make a certain effect thanks to its almost hypnotic sinuous lines, and as we have just found it is still possible to vary in a different anatomy (square or ellipsoidal) materials and colours make the difference.

The use of a structural material or another, in combination for example with treads covered with different materials, or the choice of a railing of a certain type etc. can completely change the final effect as well as the connection between the environments. 

The material texture, we think of the difference between wood and metal for example, as well as colours and types of painting, opacity and transparency, bright inserts, sobriety of the forms or the richest details convey extremely different styles, personalities and atmospheres.

Continuing on this topic, we can therefore say that the possibilities of customization within a project of spiral staircase for interior are almost endless, between available materials and combinations between these. 

As mentioned, even the variation of a railing, in the anatomical structure and the material/ colour/ texture is able to turn banal spiral stairs into unforgettable masterpieces. 

Simply just see staircase oak treads, red oak stair treads, of this spiral installation: without taking anything away from white oak stair (there are many examples of white oak stair among the achievements of Officine Sandrini), this combination of staircase oak treads with the same red oak hardwood flooring is fantastic; the white painting of structure with steel essential railings is excellent in contrast to the finished stair treads, the same contrast that manages the entire host environment.

To design and craft, then completely customised, but also prefabricated models of spiral stairs, with obvious difference in price… in both cases it is possible to transform a functional structure such as an indoor spiral staircase into another, in an element that keeps the row of your style and characterises your environments, making them unforgettable.

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If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, staircase oak treads and oak stairs could be perfect for you: with their irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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