Black glass staircase

Modern glass balustrade or glass railing for internal stairs and different options for a great project

Interior stairs: how important these structural elements can be, until not so long ago considered only for their function of connection… Today the value of a stair design in terms of style is widely recognized.

In the same way and in line with this approach,  stair parts like railings for internal stairs and parapets, in addition to playing a safety role, find their place in the world of interior design and interior decoration .

We will not only talk about railings for classic internal stairs but also of railings and parapets for modern interior staircase ideas in various materials and in very different design contexts, like contemporary glass railings, like a black glass staircase railing, glass balustrades, stainless steel railings and so on.

Railings for internal stairs: primary function and collateral benefits whether it is a glass balustrade, stainless steel or other variants  

Benefits of black glass staircase

In conjunction with an internal stair design you will probably have to assess which railings from the interior can be the best in accompaniment to the staircase structure, whatever type you have chosen.

Obviously a glass railing, a stainless steel railing or a metal parapet or wood railing, are designed with the ultimate aim of protecting people and objects from accidental falls into the void. But, especially in environments with a distinctly contemporary style, the value of the railings for interiors goes far beyond their function.

In fact, I advise you not to underestimate the choice of an internal railing because it could become a real design element, in conjunction with the focal pointstaircase, for your spaces; think for example of the charm of a black glass staircase balustrade!  

Even more so if we are talking about custom structures, regarding dimensions or style, it is important to evaluate with criteria combinations of materials and colors, and especially if they will be modern railings for internal stairs, such as a tailored black glass staircase balustrade.

Staircase railings, like a frameless glass balustrade or others, and regulations.

Whether they are customized or modular, elaborate or basic design, if you have an internal staircase or you need staircase renovations of an existing staircase, you will not be able to deprive it of internal railings, adequate parapets or an internal staircase balustrade. 

Safety is the first ratio in the design path of an internal railing in various staircase ideas or special  staircase design, and the legislation in Italy provides for certain limits:

  • is established that the height from the floor should in no case be less than 100 cm
  • a sphere 10 cm in diameter represents the limit that can cross the space between the vertical elements, to prevent the fall of objects into the vacuum
  • it must be sufficient for the railing to be able to push – horizontal weight even of several people simultaneously

Obviously a professional will be able to structure and position at best the railing for the internal staircase design and/or glass balustrade panels chosen. As safety elements during the ascent and descent on the ramp the railings for internal stairs must absolutely be firm and safe, especially in the presence of children or elderly users.

Types and opportunities of use of railings for classical stairs and for modern internal stairs, like a glass staircase with a glass balustrade    

Types of black glass staircase

The world of railings and glass panels can also be as vast as that of staircase ideas, especially indoors. The possibilities on the market are many, from the most basic and basic railings, and for example with classical pine handrails, to projects with more elaborate aesthetic purposes, such as a black staircase made of glass.

Railings for internal stairs and handrails will often be fundamental elements, wooden staircases or  glass staircase ideas, oak staircase railing types or glass balustrades.

Whether you choose glass panels for essential internal stairs, or wooden railings for internal stairs with a classic appeal, or even wrought iron railings, or stainless steel simple railings, you will see how important it will be that colors, materials and shapes are well integrated with the general character of the environments.

You will necessarily have to take into account – during the new design or renovation among  staircase ideas – some factors, such as color and material of the staircase and its structure, but also the more or less large size of the space that will host the staircase and its railings.

Let’s see some examples:

  • the structures of open stairs need to straighten for internal staircase of the highest quality given the steep slope of the ramp, both facilitating the passage but also playing with the decorations (like bespoke glass balustrades, or black glass balustrade or modern railings with black finish) especially if the spaces are abundant  
  • often in spiral staircases or helical stairs are preferred minimal and clean lines that emphasize the spiral lines, contributing dynamism without wasting space; but it is also possible  to evaluate design aspects that resemble real sculptural elements
  • in a cantilevered staircase, especially the suspended model, you can really indulge in going from glass balustrade panels that with transparency enhance an effect so to speak naked, up to geometric design and really imaginative workmanship.

In case you want to divide the staircase element from the remaining space, you can opt for a railing that also performs the function of separator, developing in height and choice of the right material.

It is possible to animate and make a classic or modern environment safe with this and various ideas for railings of internal stairs and other stair parts.

Preferred materials and different styles of stairs railing with focus on the glass balustrade

The choice of material is fundamental in the interior design project, even more so if you are opting for a modern and contemporary style: metals such as iron, stainless steel or aluminum, woods of different essences, plastic (also high -tech) but especially glass.

Your choice in the sea of possibilities available on the market must be made aiming at a very precise taste, harmony with the remaining furniture, the atmosphere you want to create for your home, your office or your business.

Let’s see together the main alternatives, their characteristics and also any prices of railings for internal stairs according to the material:

  • wooden railings for internal stairs (e.g white oak) : the material is the most natural and warm, depending on the essences involves very different color variations. It involves very little maintenance and keeps perfect over time. Clearly you would find it perfectly inserted in a rustic environment, then railings internal wooden stairs, even left in its rough veins. Its ductility makes it refined and adaptable to many contexts, for example of industrial style in combination with iron.
    The wooden railings can cost from 150 to 400 € per linear meter.
  • metal railings and blank panels (iron railings or steel railings for internal stairs in different finishes): the metal solution is among the most used, because extremely versatile material, as well as having great resistance (also for outdoor use
    if galvanized). The iron, also in its sweet variant that is the wrought one, is resistant and durable and manageable in a number of finishes with variable colors, are appreciable railings in wrought iron for internal stairs and antique wrought iron railings for more modern internal stairs. 

Stainless steel is one of the preferred materials for internal stairs railings, rigorous, essential yet bright. I recommend that you opt for steel railings for internal stairs if you aim for a modern and dynamic style, stylized lines, like glass staircases or wooden modern stairs; steel is light and practically incorruptible by time, solid, simple to maintain – and also to install -, will give much personality to your interior.

Per linear meter today for these types of railings you can spend starting from 300, 400 € up to 600 € according to the workmanship. Very popular lately is the brass finish, a special treatment on a metal base that gives a warm shade, particularly suitable on railings with supple or geometric designs.Of course, special finishes involve price fluctuations.

  • Last but not least, glass railing and glass panel, indeed!: glass staircase railings are also ideal in union with others such as metal, able to create beautiful design hybrid railings, not only for a glass stair design.
    In general, without dwelling on the various types of slabs, possibly more or less light, multi-layered, toughened glass more or less saturated with color, black glass framed balustrade for black glass staircase and so on I can recommend the glass railings if you are looking for something captivating and suggestive for your interior. 

Glass balustrade for stairs (and glass staircases) is always a great idea

Obviously the glass staircase and the glass balustrade glass safeguards the passage of the light and will become the protagonist if you want to give the illusion of an extension of the spaces. The glass railings give a modern character and a certain refinement to the environments, are solid and easy to clean, like glass stairs, and relatively simple to install. 

Brightness, sophisticated aesthetics, a sense of greater interior continuity: the use of embedded glass, specially designed to withstand the weight and impact, can be really valuable for modern railings for internal stairs. When the staircase with glass panels is a glass staircase the magic is complete.The price per linear meter can start from 600 € and reach up to 1000 € depending on the processing.

If you love the use of black in interior projects, you can choose this detail and combine this shade with a glass stair or glass balustrade, to create a spectacular black glass staircase with black glass staircase balustrade. A  black glass staircase with a black painted structure and black glass staircase balustrade in toughened glass has a huge potential, a slight aggressive footprint and elegant aesthetic impact while renouncing the passage of the typical light of a glass stair and a glass balustrade.

Aesthetic quality and solidity are the characteristics that must absolutely have an internal staircase railing, an important element like the rest of the furniture in the overall impact of the spaces and to fully enhance your special staircase.        

Discover the black glass staircase parapets and other railings for stairs by Officine Sandrini

If you are looking for the distinctive element to give a unique design touch to your spaces, a black glass staircase balustrade or other type of modern railings could be perfect for you: with their irresistible warmth and irrefutable functionality, these installations represent the essence of modern elegance.

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