Modern oak and glass staircase

Modern oak and glass staircase: the suspended type

Among the modern internal stairs the most popular, in addition to the spiral staircase and the helical staircase for the fascinating anatomy and optimization of the horizontal space, we have the cantilevered suspended stairs. 

Combining the simplicity and magic of the so-called suspended installations with the emotions of the natural material is simple through a suspended modern oak and glass staircase

And if the interior wooden stairs (all the wooden stairs for the truth) are recognized for that sense of warmth and feeling of well-being emanating from the wood essence chosen, a suspended oak staircase with glass adds a touch of modernity and lightness to environments with the right versatility. 

It is clear that not all the internal stairs are the same (imagine a metal staircase or a glass staircase) and do not even achieve the same aesthetic success, and not even the suspended staircase is an exception in this sense, because of the material used and the finishes chosen.

At the same time you can be sure of the fact that, with a well thought-out design of suspended wooden staircase you will get a fine, modern and sober installation suitable for virtually any style you want to convey through your spaces. 

Not only oak and glass staircase for interior: there are wooden stairs and wooden stairs! 

Not only oak and glass staircase for interior

A wooden staircase, of any anatomical shape, with a structure completely in wood or, as it happens more often, with wooden coverings or only steps, is always characterised by some features. 

But an interior wooden staircase also has its own peculiarities resulting from the use of a woody essence rather than another.

Generally speaking, wooden stairs have always been considered characteristic of some types of environments, especially of a more “rustic” type, so to speak; in reality this aspect has evolved a lot creating wide possibilities of different and above all modern styles.

What is certain, is that the woody material combines in itself durability and reliability; manageable with various types of processing (different density and resistance depending on the type of wood) offers an aesthetic and a texture always up to the situation.

The wood, despite its differentiations, is alive and vital: it contains the energy accumulated by the plant from which it derives, and transmits it in turn creating almost palpable warm atmospheres.

In particular, the most used essences for making or covering internal stairs are those considered the hardest but at the same time with particular elasticity. In any case the final effect will be, whatever colour or painting you choose, always warm and harmonious.

A modern oak and glass staircase for interiors, including the most essential suspended oak glass staircase type, changes shape and design but keeps the promise to emit warm vibrations, feelings of well-being and hospitality.

In addition, wood is renewable and biodegradable, perfectly in line with the aims of bio-architecture; these characteristics are added to the excellent mechanical properties we have mentioned, which make it solid but light, resistant to stress and versatile processing.

Suspended wooden staircase: peculiarities and advantages of a modern oak and glass staircase 

Suspended wooden staircase

We enter into the merits, between the possible wooden stairs for interiors, the suspended modern oak and glass, and the material itself. 

We talked about the energy conveyed by wood, about its vitality: it is the most ecological material that exists and its beauty sometimes lies in the imperfections of the material. 

The durability of the wood (oak in this case), however, makes it ideal to be maintained with a few precautions, chosen woods suitable for use of course.

The wood intended for the best performance in this sense is solid wood, in fact often used precisely in a suspended cantilever staircase. The solid wood is the one obtained from the heartwood, that is the inner and more mature portion unlike the younger outer part (sapwood). 

This wood, solid oak in this case, must necessarily be able to count on maximum resistance to stress and wear, if we consider above all the tread element. 

In a suspended wooden staircase, in addition to the safety factor, processing and finishing must reach the highest levels given the simplicity of the structure in which the steps represent the core of the project but also more. 

In fact, the suspended modern oak and glass staircase is distinguished by the effect of floating and suspension, in which the steps seem to emerge from a wall (the anchorage is not visible, and is based on structures hidden in the wall or even thanks to stiffening structures on the side). 

The result seems unnatural, almost magical. 

In addition, the suspended staircase compared to those with exposed structure leaves more horizontal space available and, in any case, visually promotes a very powerful impact in the face of a sobriety and simplicity: the shape seems reduced to a minimum. 

A suspended oak staircase, even more with glass staircase panels, optimises the spaces to the maximum and plays with light like a glass staircase, in the sense that glass stairs allow light to filter and make the spaces bigger. 

A suspended modern oak staircase and glass staircase (staircase glass railings and parapets), simple and linear, is able to recreate almost the advantageous conditions that stairs glass made or space-saving staircase can make.

But before planning a suspended staircase made of wood or other materials, the conditions on site must be checked (for example, the presence or absence of load-bearing walls) in order to proceed with the correct design.

Any choice made to measure or artisanal cutting naturally raises costs, inevitably.

However, this makes it possible to exploit the potential of an interior structure, such as the modern oak and glass staircase, which does not stop at the only function of connecting different levels, but becomes a pure furnishing object, precious as necessary. 

Modern oak and glass staircase and interior design: materials and style 

Modern oak and glass staircase and interior design

Each wooden staircase for interiors, as well as real furnishing elements, floors and walls/ panelling, brings with it a strong identity imprint, but the styles can still be very different from each other. 

The structural shape of the staircase and the details of the project also help in this sense: a space-saving spiral staircase or large helical with steel or iron structure will be very different from, for example, a traditional open staircase with side rails or from a suspended modern oak and glass staircase! 

If we talk about this suspended staircase type, especially with a bare effect through the use of glass staircase parapets, the step element is naturally placed in prominence, drawing full attention to its shape and texture-colour material.

In addition, as we said, for the sobriety and linearity inherent to the suspended staircase, it is born modern but in reality can be inserted in a variety of contexts and therefore styles.

Often the quality design focuses on a few elements, a few but so to speak good: cared for details, carefully chosen shapes (even the shape of the profiles of a garden are the subject of design), the highest quality material.

A space that houses a modern oak and glass staircase can certainly use the material as a contrasting element to warm the atmosphere, but it can also be characterised by a common thread represented by the same woody essence, oak, in play from different perspectives.

The coordination between a parquet and/or vertical elements in the same essence and shade of the suspended wooden staircase is able to create undoubtedly a pleasant environment, beneficial for the eyes but also for the spirit. 

The essences used for the internal stairs are many in addition to oak (as walnut, ash, maple, beech, iroko, poplar and various other essences) with shades ranging from light to dark, from yellow to brown, with different patterns and different aesthetic results. 

If the naturalness and texture of the essence is enhanced, nothing prevents you from adding some particular decorative element, such as LED light or stainless steel strips inserted in the step to enliven the design with touches of light to interrupt the density of the wood.

The railings also play their part: in addition to glass railings that accentuate the effect of simplicity and lightness of the ramp (glass for staircases is reinforced to be also used as a structural element), also steel railings or even steel cables.are aesthetically pleasing and very modern.

In general, the suspended wooden staircase, in particular a modern oak and glass staircase (but also in other variants) not only results in a good saving of space, but also and above all a feeling of enlargement and brightness that other types of stairs tend to block, and that is never enough even in larger sizes.

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